October 6th, 8:00 AM – October 7th, 3:30 PM
Lafayette Cajundome, 444 Cajundome Blvd, Lafayette, LA 70506, USA


About the Event
The 29th Annual Speech Pathologists and Audiologists in Louisiana Schools Conference offers ten hours of quality continuing education hours with an emphasis on therapy and services in the schools and  an opportunity for professionals to network and learn about advances in the fields. As the largest conference in the state for Speech Pathologists and Audiologists, we are able to offer to our attendees nationally recognized speakers and researchers in our fields while also showcasing local innovators and talent from across the state.

Thurs:   Dr.  Lillian Stiegler: AM/PM - Neuro Updates: Integrating Brain Science for School Based SLPs  - REPEAT

              Timothy Kowalski:  AM – The Challenge of Assessing the Art of Social Pragmatics Communication

                                               PM – Social Pragmatic Communication: How Not to End Up in the “land of Misfit Toys”

              Dr.  J. Scott Yaruss: AM – Early Childhood Stuttering Therapy: A Practical Approach

                                               PM – School-Age Stuttering:  A Practical Approach

             Susie Lee:                 AM – Dyslexia Basics for the SLP:  Dyslexia Simulation (Reading) Characteristics of                                                                     Learners with Dyslexia in Early Childhood through Adolescence.

                                               PM – Dyslexia Basics for the SLP:  Dyslexia Simulation (Writing) Empowering Learners                                                              with Dyslexia to Succeed                   

              Audiologist - To Be Announced.

Fri:        Dr.  Shaverra Jones/Dr. Christine Lewis: 

                                               AM Only – Making the Most of your SSD Approach:  Introduction to the Multiple                                                                                Opposition Approach                              

             Dr.   Shanna Caprice Lee: AM - Cultural Competence Related to Assessing Culturally and Linguistically                                                                             Diverse Students in the School System

                                                        PM – An Overview of African America English Focusing on Articulation and                                                                               Phonology

              Susan Caspari:  AM – Childhood Apraxia of Speech Updates:  What’s New in CAS Assessment 

                                         PM – Childhood Apraxia of Speech Updates:  What’s New in CAS Treatment

              Dr.   Jeanane Ferre:  AM – Central Auditory Processing Disorder:  Assessment

                                         PM – Central Auditory Processing Disorder:  Intervention

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Our continuing education hours are recognized by the American Speech and Hearing Association and meet the Continuing Education Units requirements for national certification maintenance. 


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